Asian Media Access Plymouth Ave


Asian Media Access’ mission is to connect the disconnected, and they are dedicated to using multimedia arts, technology and community organizing as tools for social betterment. By unleashing the creativity of youth through multimedia arts and channeling their risky behaviors and vulnerability into leadership potential, Asian Media Access creates community-based responses to improve cross-cultural & cross-generational understanding, challenges stereotypical beliefs, and builds a society that values arts to inspire young people’s healthy transition into adulthood, and improve the world around them.


2418 Plymouth Ave N,
Minneapolis, MN 55411


Business hours

Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 7:00pm



  • Multimedia Education
    • Workforce training, after-school and summer programs offered to at-risk youth, focusing on digital, multimedia arts, and technology application/production
    • Aims at empowering AAPI and disadvantaged youth through multimedia arts and information technology and increasing Asian representation in the media by highlighting the important role of media in today’s society
  • Multimedia Exhibition and Performance
    • Aims at increasing cultural understanding and facilitating community expression and development through developing a variety of innovative outreach activities with Asian films
  • Multimedia Production
    • Produces a variety of educational video and television programs
    • To bring to communities important messages and inspiring productions
  • Multimedia Technology
    • AMAConnect: computer services at low cost for other non-profits
    • APA ComMNet: internet-based network to connect community agencies in Minnesota to share information on the web in diverse Asian languages
  • RICE (Reaching Immigrant with Care and Education)
    • community/neighborhood development component of AMA
    • Includes economic development opportunities, financial support services, and Ramen Ya transitional housing