Coalition of Asian American Leaders


The Coalition of Asian American Leaders (CAAL) envisions a State where all Minnesotans, regardless of background, are actively engaged and can achieve prosperity. CAAL was created as a vehicle to organize Asian American emerging and experienced leaders towards creating shared agendas that can be collectively advanced, as well as to be a network of support for leaders who want to use their experience, assets, and skills to ensure equity is achieved for all.


KaYing Yang, Director of Programs and Partnerships
941 Lafond Ave, Ste 205
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104



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CAAL engaged over 350 Asian American leaders from across ethnicities, sectors, and age groups to inform its strategic direction. Two working groups dove into the quantitative data and guided key informant interviews to help understand the nuances within Minnesota’s Asian American population. Out of this process two primary issues were selected: education and economic.

CAAL’s path forward on education and economic focuses on four objectives:

  • Increase financial resources to strengthen community infrastructure and meet the needs of Asian Americans.
  • Collect better data on race, ethnicity, and language that can be disaggregated and shared publicly.
  • Advocate for policy that includes Asian American priorities and voices.
  • Grow civic leadership of Asian Americans.

CAAL works because of people. CAAL is a leadership network, not a membership organization. That means that they rely on people who want to come together to learn, share and act together. Leadership simply means anyone, regardless of position, who proactively wants to figure out how to grow their knowledge and connections, and use their resources to work on issues that matter to the future of Asian Minnesotans.

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