When it comes to the Southeast Asian diaspora, we share a borderless peoplehood with uprooted histories and beautiful rich stories. SEAD uses John Docker’s Poetics of the Diaspora to define the term: a sense of belonging to more than one history, to more than one time and place, to more than one past and future. We embody this definition and engage the diaspora through storytelling and language.

Diaspora Storytelling Map

The diaspora are struggling to find each other; from resources, restaurants, histories, peoplehood, communities. SEAD’s Storytelling Map that will be
a one-stop hub on our website for SEA communities seeking culturally-relevant resources for Southeast Asian diaspora. SEAD believes through this map we can better easily inform, connect and engage diaspora communities by organizing resources, happenings and stories that will eventually grow across global communities to understand spatial relationships and patterns that tie our collective consciousness and social fabric.

Projects Library

SEAD has worked with community partners and students on diaspora storytelling work. Our heritage language students produce projects that goes back to community. This is a snippet of their work.