The First Episode of Fermented Feelings is Live!

October 20, 2020

Hear the journey Chanida has taken, since watching her mom at a young age prepares padaek, the traditional and versatile Lao fermented fish sauce, and the overbearing stench that leaks from oversized and reused Kemp ice cream buckets; a stench that is literal in memory, and a powerfully pungent metaphor for the dreams, hopes, anxieties, fears, and ideas processing in reused buckets and jars. How the essence of padaek is imbued throughout her work under SEAD Project, and currently having her collection of fermented fish jars on display at the Minnesota Museum of American Art as part of their “1.5: A Southeast Asian Diaspora Remix” exhibition among several prolific and illuminating art makers of Southeast Asian descent. We are especially proud to share six SEAD youth voices speaking to and expanding on the phrase, “Fermented Feelings is…”. Their audio segments are bold wafts of vivid, fermenting poetry – you won’t want to miss it! We’d love to hear from Southeast Asian listeners, and possibly feature your voice and views on our podcast! Listen below or anywhere else you listen to podcasts.