workshop faq

heritage workshop faq

Here are the most commonly asked questions about The SEAD Project’s heritage language workshops.

SEAD offers intensive and engaging 8-week workshops with an introduction to Hmong, Khmer, Lao, and Viet language literacy; integrated with elements of cultural topics and storytelling. All students are part of a supportive learning cohort. Heritage learners are highly encouraged to join. If you don’t find your answers here, please email us directly at or call 612.987.7313.

Q: What are the classes about?

A: The classes are a fun, engaging, and student-centered environment with intensive content catered to adult learners. Curriculum is broken into into weekly themed topics (geography, history, social etiquette, etc) with a balance of basics in grammar lectures, reading, writing, listening comprehension and speech practice as well as in-class exercises and light homework. On the last day of class, cohorts come together to present their final community projects.

Q: When and where are the classes held?

A: Fall 2019 session registration opens August 5th. Classes start September 14th and end November 2nd. We are based in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. Workshops are offered every Spring and Fall, every Saturday (9:30AM – 1:00 PM CST), for 8 consecutive weeks. Viet class will be held in Saint Paul and Hmong, Khmer and Lao are held in Minneapolis. Location details are sent to students after registration confirmation.

Q: How much are the classes?

A: Registration fee for Fall 2019 is $200.00 + convenience fee. This includes 8 weeks of instruction, coursebook, materials, etc. Scholarships are available for limited income students. Send your request to

Q: Who are your teachers?

A: All of our teachers come from various levels of teaching backgrounds and are made up of teams with native speakers who are fluent in the language, hold teaching, facilitation and community experience. Please note that the Khmer and Viet teams are pilots since Fall 2018.

Hmong Team: Bee Vang-Moua, Yer Her

*Khmer Team: Nathaniel Pheng, Ra Pheng

Lao Team: Jay Rattanavong, Tippi Lengsavath Goodwin, Anne Souvanna

*Viet Team: Nguyen Tran, Ha Vo

Q: What level of Hmong/Khmer/Lao/Viet language are the classes?

A: The 8-week introductory course is for speaking, reading, writing and listening. In 2019, due to Khmer and Viet being pilot classes, it is only open to heritage students who hold basic speaking fluency and Hmong and Lao are open to everyone at all levels. There is a required assessment during first day of class to determine whether or not your participation in the course is appropriate. We expect that you will increase your literacy in the language up one level after the completion of the class.

Q: What do I need to have ready for the class?

A: Bring an open and growth mindset, pencils, notebook and folder. And don’t forget grace. Classes will be intensive, but they’re engaging and fun and you are part of a lasting cohort community.

Q: How many hours a week should I expect to study?

A: In addition to 3.5 hours of class time, students should expect to study up to 8-10 hours per week (this includes homework exercises, etc).

Q: Are there online classes available?

A: A: We currently do not have the technical and staff capacity to make online classes available. However, a web app is under development and a pilot package is in the works for diaspora communities who would like to adapt our curriculum and model. If you’d like to be part of that discussion, please email us.

Q: I’ve decided I can’t take the class anymore. What is the refund policy?

A: A: In order to respect the integrity of our program and teachers time, energy and resources; registration is non-refundable after the registration deadline (less any online transaction fees). If you find you can’t continue the class for any reason, we welcome you to retake the class again for free.

FAQs last updated on 8/11/19.