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America is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, now that wearing a mask has become a political statement for some, the science remains consistently clear behind the importance of wearing personal protective equipment.

I remember my yai wrapping her face with a pha pa biang, and a large-brimmed straw hat upon her head to protect her face from the sun, before heading out early to work on the rice fields. This instructional video is inspired by her (my grandmother’s) knowledge as I speak about this difficult moment during my lifetime. Covering one’s face for protection has always been normal―whether it’s from airborne germs, pollutants, or sunburn.

This video gives instructions for two mask styles using a scarf, and two styles using a sarong.

By Phachari Phomsouvannady

Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Phachari Phomsouvannady (ze/xe/they) is a 1st generation Lao-Thai American born on Wampanoag land, also known as Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Ze currently are situated in the city of Providence, and work as a childcare-provider, fashion stylist, and visual artist.

Zeir practice often explores themes of mental illness, self-care, queerness, and tenderness. Zey employs a wide variety of mediums; including but not limited to sewing, painting, crochet, finger weaving, photography, and sculpture. Zey loves world-building through storytelling, whether through cartoons, plushies, or self-portraiture.




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