Sunny Thao

by Sunny Thao


Summer 2019

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Spoken Word Poem

How To Show “I Love You” in 4 Ways

  1. “Come eat”
  2. “Hlub club os”
  3. “I’m at the store, did you want anything?”
  4. “I’m sorry”
  5. Hugs – “Just a little longer”
  6. Massages – “Is this the spot?”
  7. Late night talks – “I’m awake, promise”
  8. Gifts – “I thought of you”
  9. Mini Check-ups – “JW how you’re doing”
  10. Drop offs – “Text me when you’re inside” // “I’ll leave when you go in”
  11. “I’m proud of you”
  12. “I made this for you”
  13. Drive safe”

This is my honest poem inspired by Rudy Francisco

My name is Sunny Thao
I was born on August 12, 1997
To a family of 4
And in 1999 the family grew to 6

Then in 2007
The family
Became hard to define

A week ago, I interviewed my siblings
It was

You see, we lived together for basically our whole lives
We grew up in very similar environments
We ate the same food and obviously spoke the same language(s)
But for the first time, last week
I saw them

It’s kind of like that feeling when you see your teacher at the grocery store
And you realized that they actually have a life too
It’s kind of mind blowing, isn’t it?

I asked them 6 simple questions and here were some of the responses.

When I was younger I wanted to be…
a Superhero, a policeman, a comic artist, and a vet
Because people suck and animals are way cooler

But I don’t know if that’s what I really wanted to be. I just wanted to be better. I always felt like I could save people
And make our parents proud by not causing any more problems.

You know we grew up being told
“Time doesn’t wait for you”
So that’s why I don’t want to fall behind

I’m already not where I thought I’d be.
By now I should had
Had a house, more money, a stable job, and better looking
And my own family,

And do I still want? Sure. Who wouldn’t?
But now I realize that I just want to be
Free and happy
A better person than who I was

So by the end of 2019
I will be enrolled in pharmacy tech classes,
Finish my first book and
*fingers crossed* saved up to 10g

And if I could go back in time I would tell myself to
Go for it, but be smarter and learn to forgive
Also, stop being so shy
Just talk like you love listening to your own voice