Our Cloth

I am a held prayer of indigo
Ancestral hands bled sacred colors into the earth while dyeing
Of a hope woven of hemp
This crown passed down does not ask permission to reign
Forces could never strip the layers to our fabrics of truth
My roots are silver that does not need to be justified
Our existence does not need to be justified
Our skin is resilient
And these prayers honest
Meet the Artist

Chynna Moua

IG: @sip.chytea • Tik Tok: @sip.chytea • Venmo: @chynnamoua

Minneapolis, MN

Chynna Moua (she/her) is a 2nd generation Hmong Canadian multidisciplinary artist based in the Twin Cities. She is currently a freshman at the University of Saint Thomas in pursuit of a degree in business. She has a passion for working with youth and has had over 3 years of dance instructor experience. Moua has not only taught locally but overseas in Thailand, teaching hip-hop dance to Hmong orphans with the organization, Street Stops and Mountain Tops. She has competed in local poetry slams, such as TruArtSpeaks annual Be Heard slam, and made it through finals to the 2019 Be Heard cohort. Moua directed her high school’s very first multicultural show in 2019. Her art is centered around discovering self and new ways of collective healing. Moua’s art is driven by her advocacy for utilizing art as vehicles for change.