The Alchemy of Love

Meet the Artist

Cathy Truong

@alchemist_bro • Venmo: @Cathy_truong

St. Paul, MN

cathy (they/bro/kiều) is a queer vietnamese american time traveler, truth teller, and intergelatic aquarian lover from Wichita, Kansas. Their parents are super fucking cool for surviving, continually healing, and loving even after white people tore up their home country. They were the first to teach cathy how to love and be strong. cathy’s little bro makes way better art than they do. cathy loves abolishing time with loved ones, dancing with their ancestors, collaging together stories, and writing love letters. They dabble in this or that, people will tell you. They just moved to Saint Paul, so they’ve got a lot to learn still and many people to meet… they try to stay optimistic about the world.. and make art to express how they’re feeling...and spread some love. u can check out their art on Instagram @alchemist_bro.