April 6, 2020

Theravada Buddhist New Years 101

Get the basics about Theravada Buddhist new year in our e-workshop on history, traditions, festivities. The talk will be led by writers Bryan Thao Worra and Sokunthary Svay at 1:00 PM US CST.

Registration for this session is now closed. Download the Theravada Buddhist New Year resource deck that was referenced during the workshop here.

Learn more about Bryan’s work: thaoworra.wordpress.com

Purchase Bryan’s Before We Remember We Dream here.

Learn more about Sokunthary’s work: www.sokunthary.com

Purchase Sokunthary’s Apsara in New York now on sale for $10.00 here.

Flow is a 3-day #StayHome virtual fest to celebrate Theravada Buddhist new year’s at home. It’s 100% online, complete with a live blessing, an educational talk about the history of Theravada Buddhism in Lao and Khmer communities, a papaya salad eating challenge, and spinning beats to end the week.

RSVP on Eventbrite: flownewyear.eventbrite.com

Event Schedule

#BLESSUP2020 Challenge

Show us how you’re celebrating #StayHome New Year’s with our #BlessUp2020 challenge, which runs April 13th -April 19th.

How to Participate in the Challenge:
1. Wear your favorite new years outfit (if you don’t have one, anything will do!)
2. Play or dance a new year song
3. Post the clip using #BlessUp2020 and tag 5 people to do the same

Celebrate with us!

Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy new year’s in a different way that’s still meaningful to you, your family, and community. Here’s three ways you can celebrate Flow #StayHome New Year’s with us:

  1. Share your short stories of how you’re celebrating indoors by posting a video, photo, or art tagging us on socials.
  2. Take on the #BlessUp2020 challenge. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramfor all the coverage. Use official hashtags #StayHome #Flow2020 #BlessUp2020.
  3. Contribute to our mutual aid fund, Emergensea Corps Fund, which goes to support necessities for vulnerable groups. Go to: bit.ly/emergensea.

Spread the love with your friends and family by sharing and downloading our new year’s greeting card.