Spice & Stories: Papaya Salad Challenge

April 6, 2020

Tune in on FACEBOOK LIVE here every Tuesday in April for friendly competition and a virtual spicy storytelling session with SEAD family members and local leaders.

SEAD is hosting a series of papaya salad eating challenges over the course of three weeks. We'll be livestreaming via Facebook Live on the SEAD Facebook Page.

Our goal is to raise up to $3,000 in live donations and pledges for SEAD’s Crisis Fund, which will go to:

  • Support our design teams and translators to produce high quality content, visuals, and copy for crisis communication materials in Burmese, Hmong, Karen, Khmer, Viet and other critical Southeast Asian languages as needed.
  • Host e-workshops, talks, and safe spaces for Southeast Asian communities.
  • Develop culturally-nuanced and healing-centered resources that are necessary to the physical and mental well-being of Southeast Asian communities.
  • Provide simple design, supplies, and coordination of basics such as homemade cloth masks, hand sanitizers, thermometers to vulnerable Southeast Asian/Asian American/Native Hawaiin/Pacific Islander communities (specifically those who are immunocompromised and elderly).

Spice Levels

  • Base Level

    Papaya salad starts with (0 peppers)

  • Minnesota Mild Level

    If challenge reaches $100, challengers eat Minnesota Mild Level (1 pepper)

  • Village Hot Level

    If challenge reaches $300, challengers eat Village Hot Level (3 peppers)

  • Mekong Normal Level

    If challenge reaches $500, challengers eat Mekong Normal Level (5 peppers)

  • Make Your Mae Cry Level

    If challenge reaches $1,000, challengers eat Make Your Mae Cry Level (7 peppers)

donate to the challenge

Donate any amount to help our challengers make it to the next spice level! All proceed sgo to SEAD's Crisis Fund.


Pledge Form

If you are unable to donate now, but would still like to contribute to the challenge, please complete the pledge form below. All pledges will count towards the challenge goals and spice levels. We accept card and check for pledge payments. We will follow up with you about your pledge via email.


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