SEA Solidarity Resource Hub

June 5, 2020

What does collective growth look like?

We believe that healing is power and necessary for shared liberation. It's time to get comfortable with discomfort. A time to uplift Black voices. Time to physically rebuild and internally reconstruct mindsets.

With the death of George Floyd as a result of unjust police brutality and the destruction of Minneapolis at the hands of white suprematists, SEAD will continue to center Justice for George Floyd. We understand conversations and activism are difficult to navigate at first. We're here to help guide you through those moments.

We will provide helpful resources to discuss anti-Black racism within your circles. We are also working collectively with our community to share communal aid and events for SEA solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Resources include critical conversation materials, volunteer opportunities, mutual aid, and food collection centers.

We're updating resources on a regular basis.

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SEA Solidarity Resource Hub

Remember, the pandemic is still present, please refer to our COVID-19 resources to prevent the spread and stay safe:

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