Call for stories

Dear village, what are your stories? 2020 is upon us and SEAD is open and ready for our next round of gathering stories we want to publish and share with the world about our Southeast Asian communities. This time, stories will be published in digital and print formats. Stories may be selected to be featured on our Fermented Feelings blog, podcast, zine, and/or in an upcoming art exhibition. All submitted stories will live in our digital library. There will be a series of calls for stories, starting with this fall.

The fall themes we’re specifically looking for: 1.5 Memory, Love, Kinship, Dis/placement, Labor Camp. We’re currently focused on 1.5 generation stories for our upcoming collection called “One Point Five: A Southeast Asian Refugee Remix”. 1.5 is a term to describe those who arrived on US soil under the age of 12 and are able to navigate both worlds and identities: the one they arrived with and the American one they’ve adapted or adopted.

Here are prompts to get you thinking about framing the story:

  • When was it? Who was there? Where did it happen? Why did it happen (if you know)?
  • What is your earliest memory?
  • Tell us the time when you felt powerful.
  • Tell us the time when you felt wronged.
  • What are your favorite childhood pastimes?
  • Describe the first place you called home. What made you feel a sense of belonging?

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Note: All submitted stories are subject to review and selected by a set criteria through our editorial process. Stories that violate and incite hate, fear, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc will not be accepted. Please read instructions and terms & conditions carefully before submitting your story.