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SEAD sees a reimagined world that is culturally just, creatively sustainable, and socially empowering for Southeast Asian diaspora voices, agency and self-determination. SEAD’s main programs are under three focus areas: SEA Heritage & Languages (SEA Roots), Narrative Storytelling (SEADS) and Leadership Development (SEA Change).

SEA Roots: Southeast Asian Heritages & Languages

We teach language and cultural literacy workshops in Hmong, Khmer Lao and Viet. Visit workshops page for more info.

Workshops in Southeast Asian Languages

8-weeks language literacy intensives for those who want to learn an introduction to reading/writing/speaking in Hmong, Khmer, Lao or Vietnamese. Content is integrated with a snapshot in topics such as history, social issues, culture. Classes are once per week, for eight weeks and offered Fall (beginner) and Spring (accelerated).

Pop-Ups in Southeast Asian History, Culture and Social Issues

Theme-based topics in history, geography, classics, literature, art, food and social issues led by knowledge experts.

Planting SEADS: Narrative Storytelling

We gather and amplify stories and space for Southeast Asian narratives to thrive, mobilize and heal through conversations, publications, and tools. Reach out to chanida@theseadproject.org for more info.

Fermented Feelings Blog

One-stop hub for pieces and podcast on all things Southeast Asian diaspora.

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Cultural Organizing

Using art as a tool for social change ecosystem. As storytellers, bridge builders, and disruptors in movements; we focused on the intersections of activism, narratives, political education, and most importantly art.

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Southeast Asian Diaspora Storytellers (SEADS)

The Southeast Asian diaspora storytelling (SEADS) initiative aims to reclaim, honor and amplify the lived experiences of veterans, mothers, activists, scholars and other historically invisible narratives of Hmong, Khmer, Lao and Viet diaspora. Through critical conversations and ethnographic storytelling, SEADS holds space and published our first Southeast Asian-authored anthology of stories, poetry and artwork called Planting SEADS: Southeast Asian Diaspora Stories. SEADS is a community collaboration in partnership with The SEAD Project, ManForward, mk nguyen, Narate Keys and others.

Healing-Informed Community Conversations

Storytelling circles using SEAD’s Mekong Memory Mapping tool to reflect and root our shared histories.

SEA Change Lab: Diaspora Leadership Development

We grow Southeast Asian leadership through social empowerment in arts, advocacy and reimagination.

SEA Change Lab: Arts, Advocacy & Reimagination

Experimental pilot project aimed at growing social empowerment and leadership development through arts and storytelling in Hmong, Khmer, Lao and Viet young people; specifically youth ages 13-19 and young people 19-25. We center, support and guide our young people’s experiences using an interdisciplinary cross-cultural, cross-generational approach through arts advocacy (writing, theater, music and dance).