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We are creative and literary storytellers redefining what community development and cultural representation looks like for the Southeast Asian diaspora. 


SEAD is the river carrying our communities towards a new ecosystem. This is the ecosystem we're nurturing.

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Knowledge & Skills
  • Increasing education of SEA history, culture, issues
  • Equipping use of storytelling tools for change
  • Accessing community resources
Actions & Behaviors
  • Self-awareness of agency and voice for advocacy
  • Understanding and navigating systems
  • Meaningful engagement and connection to community
  • Creating and participating in emerging social ecosystems
Conditions & Impact
  • Disruption of traditional systems
  • Investment in new social ecosystems
  • Collective support in self-determination and solidarity


The SEAD Project (Southeast Asian Diaspora) is a community organization on a mission to be an accessible creative hub that provides streamlined workshops and tools to engage and share knowledge in Khmer, Hmong, Lao and Viet diaspora communities. Through safe and welcoming spaces, we hope to grow empowerment to plant the seeds of hope and possibility, locally and globally.


We envision a growing Southeast Asian diaspora ecosystem that actively rethinks, reimagines and reshapes what’s possible in sustainable community development, with a pivoted focus on empowering Southeast Asian leaders, women and young people through art, language, and storytelling.


The SEAD Project started in 2011 with the vision of a group of Southeast Asians who wanted to not only connect with their roots and heritage but to think bigger and beyond preservation. Since 2015, SEAD is a legally recognized 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Jessica Eckerstorfer Headshot_800px.png
Jessica Eckerstorfer

Co Director,

Programming & Operations

Dae Yang Headshot_800px.png
Dexieng "Dae" Yang

Office & Project Coordinator

Kaysone Syonesa Schneider Headshot_800px.png
Kaysone Syonesa Schneider

Co Director,

Partnerships & Development

Charmaine Balisalisa Headshot_800px.png
Charmaine Balisalisa

Lead Visual Designer


Aloun Phoulavan square.png
Aloun Phoulavan

Board Chair

Maypahou Ly Headshot.png
Maypahou Ly

Board Member

Lynn Nguyen Headshot - 1080.png
Lynn Nguyen

Board Member

Anita Keo Headshot.png
Anita Keo

Board Member

Jay Rattanavong Headshot.jpg
Jay Rattanavong

Board Member


Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Deadline to apply is Thursday, August 15th

General Board Member

Open for 2024 General Board in Minnesota.


Email to learn about volunteering opportunities!

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