SEA Roots: Southeast Asian Heritages & Languages

We teach language and cultural literacy workshops on Hmong, Khmer Lao and Viet language and culture.


Workshops in Southeast Asian Languages

8-weeks language literacy intensives for those who want to learn an introduction to reading/writing/speaking in Hmong, Khmer, Lao or Viet. Content is integrated with a snapshot in topics such as history, social issues, culture. Classes are once per week, for eight weeks and offered Fall (regular) and Spring (accelerated).

Spring 2021 workshops begin March 20th and end May 8th, 2021. Registration opens February 15th, 2021!

Pop-Ups in Southeast Asian History, Culture and Social Issues

Theme-based topics in history, geography, classics, literature, art, food and social issues led by knowledge experts.

If you are interested in our SEA Language Workshops, register here otherwise signup for all others below and we’ll keep you posted.