what we are

Fermented Feelings

As Southeast Asian diaspora community members, our feelings and voices have often been left to sit in our souls, fermenting in a mixture that is equal parts confusion and beauty. Fermented Feelings hopes to let those emotions, opinions, concerns, and ideas free. An online platform driven by a team of Southeast Asian-American creatives committed to uplifting the voices of the Southeast Asian diaspora experience. We hope to create a space for our stories to be accessible, for our voices to be heard, for our community members to be empowered.

why we are

We want to ask “how do we as Southeast Asian diaspora members in the United States re-invent forms and meanings of “SEA-ness” within the daily contexts that we live in?” Understanding our identities starts with reflecting on our experience. Understanding our heritage starts with reflecting on what our experiences mean in the context of the Southeast Asian diaspora and our own unique existence.